David Hebbard is a registered clinical hypnotherapist with Australian Society of clinical hypnotherapy.

David works with the subconscious mind for personal development, limiting beliefs, self identity, self values and works in creating change.

He is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist who has obtained his diploma of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP. To further his expertise he is in the process of studying his advanced diploma of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP.

He has been working as a life coach and hypnotherapist for a number of years after achieving a more fulfilling life through the use of hypnosis and NLP.

He enjoys researching the top professional personal development coaches, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and psychologist to attain a better understanding on how the mind works so he can help people create the change and life they desire.

Working with David will give you a new self of well-being and excitement for your future.

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Weight Loss/Weight Management

Hypnotherapy is successful in a assisting people to lose weight by helping the client gain control over their eating habits.

Hypnotherapy works deep within the subconscious mind.

Which helps people to recognise the signals that they are full, and gradually their eating habits change as their perception on food also changes.

Hypnotherapy helps to identify any underlying causes and emotional events that has caused the unhealthy relationship with food to develop. This is done by accessing the subconscious mind so you recognise and overcome any craving and bad food habits.

David weight loss program helps people to think positively about weight control, healthy eating and exercise. He creates an individual  programs that is suited for each individual to help them create a new self image and self-confidence.

Disclaimer Results can very from person to person.

Sports and Fitness

Hypnotherapy is very successful in enhancing sports and fitness performance. It works on reducing and eliminating any mental obstacles that maybe holding the person back from reaching their peak performance in sports and fitness.

Hypnotherapy helps  people to stay focus, gain more stamina while helping the individual increase their endurance levels so they can reach their desired fitness goal.

David will work one on one to establish the persons goals and together they create a program that is suited for them.

Though-out the program he will support the individual in maintaining focus while eliminating any obstacles that maybe holding them back.

Disclaimer Results can very from person to person.

Mens Health

Difficulties with sex are very common, much more so than most men would suspect. Common male sexual problems or issue are; premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, low sexual desire, sex and porn addiction. The cause of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological, or both.

Hypnotherapy is very successful in eliminating any potential hidden feelings, thoughts or memories that maybe causing the problem.

David prides him self in creating a professional, strictly confidential, relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere. He provides ongoing support through out the program/therapy to help individuals overcome these sensitive issues.

Disclaimer Results can very from person to person.

Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy has an 85% success rate as it works directly with your subconscious mind, compared to champix with 22%, acupuncture with 25%, Zyban with 21%, nicotine patches up to 13%, nicotine gum at 11% and willpower 5%. Your smoking is an unconscious behaviour and this is the number 1 reason why it’s hard to give up with other methods.

David quit smoking program will look at all the triggers and the habits as well as look at your stress levels.

Everyone smokes for different reasons, but all habits are embedded in the subconscious level, this is the number one reason people relapse even with smoking quit smoking aids.

David offers a number of choices on his quit smoking program, clients can be smoke-free within 1 to 3 therapy sessions.

Disclaimer Results can very from person to person.

Mental Health

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully to help treat mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, social anxiety, depression and PTSD to name a few. Hypnotherapy works by creating new behaviours and ways of thinking into the subconscious mind.

David uses a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and NLP with the hypnotherapy.

David understands that every client is different, therefore his programs are tailored to each individual needs. He supplies resources and tools that is highly beneficial to his clients while at home in between therapy sessions.

Disclaimer Results can very from person to person.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is the process of helping people recognise, overcome and help remove any barriers.

Life coaching helps people identify and achieve personal goals to help with personal growth and development.

David life coaching program will help identify how you got to where you are while gaining awareness of how to move forward with clarity, strategy, focus and purpose with the tailored program to his client specific needs.

David incorporates a number of the  modalities that will assist in motivation, confidence, focus, self-esteem and goal settings to reach the outcome people desire.


for anyone wanting to quit smoking or wanting to lose weight, I totally recommend trying this.
Ross Purdy
You dont realize how well this works till you do it..i was genuinely surprised. Would highly recommend David to anyone and everyone!
Lee Gray
Really good at what he does!!! Worked for me really well!
Gemma Leigh Blamey
David is a gifted Clinical hypnotherapist. He does his best to help and understands the core of the problem. I believe, this quality only comes naturally and such an approach always brings success in his hypnotherapy sessions as well as his education, motivation and working experience helps him to be an advanced practitioner. Enjoy David's hypnotherapy sessions and get amazing results !
Lyuba Tangeva
David is a genuine man with a passion for supporting others towards their goals. He is backed by extensive qualifications in Hypnotherapy and NLP. Don't settle for second best - contact David today!
Joshua Faulkner
David genuinely wants to help people. He'll go above and beyond to do what he can to address your needs. He has a very calming nature about him. You are in good hands with David.
Julie Crouch

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